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Become the ultimate version of you!

An exciting journey full of promise, adventure, healing and growth. A place to feel nurtured and at home. You are so worthy of it.

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Meet The Author

Kylie Chapman

Coach / Author / Speaker

Kylie Chapman

Kylie is passionate about Self Love and is dedicated to helping others find theirs. It wasn't until her mid 40's that she realised she never had that instilled in her as a child. This is the basis for the work she does now - guiding others to find their own self worth and love. When we look at all the areas of our lives, many of us are strong at making self-loving choices in some areas, but weak in others. Our power is in becoming aware of the areas of lack so we can start making more loving decisions. We have a choice and it’s incredibly empowering!! In early 2020 she finished writing her first book, The Lotus Effect - A Roadmap To Self Love. She also mentors senior high school girls in the transition from school to employment.

As Seen In .....

"She is the real deal!"

by Penny Mentiplay

"Kylie is amazing at what she does! Her passion and commitment for empowering women after divorce and separation stems from her personal journey and reflects how she has overcome the pain and disconnectedness caused by divorce, to live whole and fully connected to her inner strength. Kylie gives women the tools to experience this same freedom and wholeness in their lives. She is the real deal!"

"Great insight"

by Mara Kristensen

"Kylie is so passionate about helping other women get to a new empowered way of being after divorce. Her own experiences give her great insight to what's needed to find yourself again. She inspires her clients to overcome the fear and overwhelm and find joy again."

"Good things are happening""

by Cyndi Scott

Hey Scott I wanted to touch base with you & let you know that things have been going amazingly well for me. My mission/purpose has been moving forward at a fast pace & good things are happening!! I am so excited to keep you in the loop because if it weren't for you and Kylie I would never gotten this far! So thank you both so very much!! I love being able to be a part of your group and continuing to move forward, I am so grateful for your help and guidance! May the Lord Bless you in amazing ways!! Much Love!

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