Let go of self doubt, judgement and fear

Create harmony, peace and empowerment.

How to silence your inner critic in just 3 steps even if you've tried before without success

Lose judgement, imposter syndrome, the need to prove yourself to others, anger, resentment, fear, overwhelm, burnout and procrastination. Uuggh what an exhausting list!

End the suffering and struggle.  

Gain optimism, clarity, joy and happy successful relationships.    

Are you ready to feel rejuvenated, restored, empowered, proud, enthusiastic, secure, stable, safe, fulfilled, vibrant and relieved?   

Are you ready to silence that inner critic once and for all?  

Are you done with stress and resentment?Are you ready to live with love every day?Then this course is for you!  

I’ve been where you are and can guarantee you there IS a way to instil the Self Love you need and likely didn’t have instilled in you as a child.  

Once you learn these 3 Steps To Self Love & Worthiness you will have the framework in place for life, being able to implement successful strategies to keep your newfound Self Love on track.  

Signs You Lack Self-Love

  • You are highly critical of yourself and others 
  • You feel misunderstood, judged, incapable and undeserving   
  • You are full of negative self talk, worry and fear 
  • You constantly compare yourself to others and judge yourself harshly 
  • You are always trying to prove yourself to others and gain their approval You feel like an imposter 
  • You have unhealthy and unhappy relationships that you justify 
  • Your relationships are conditional, gossipy, resentful and codependent 
  • You set goals or intentions but lose interest and lack perseverance 
  • You doubt your ability to create the life you want 
  • You are indecisive, worrying that you will make the wrong decision or you worry about what others will think 
  • You are paralysed by fear of failure and even success You feel stuck 
  • You put off self care, making others a priority over you  

The result is burnout, overwhelm, depression and exhaustion.  No thank you!

Loving yourself doesn’t mean you always love yourself and never engage in these less than loving ways of being.  It’s about having the awareness to stop doing these things. To replace them with more loving, healthy actions, emotions and ways of being.  

That’s where the power is.  If you are ready to quit sabotaging yourself and settling for less than you want and deserve in life, I invite you to join me in the next 6 weeks of exploration, healing and growth.  

Welcome Home To Self Love - it’s time to say yes to you.  

My promise to you is this - if you do not gain the insight, awareness, learnings and growth you require in order to start loving yourself, I will refund your money.  Just email me before you have completed Module 2.

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Meet The Author

Kylie Chapman

Coach / Author / Speaker

Kylie Chapman

Kylie is passionate about Self Love and is dedicated to helping others find theirs. It wasn't until her mid 40's that she realised she never had that instilled in her as a child. This is the basis for the work she does now - guiding others to find their own self worth and love. When we look at all the areas of our lives, many of us are strong at making self-loving choices in some areas, but weak in others. Our power is in becoming aware of the areas of lack so we can start making more loving decisions. We have a choice and it’s incredibly empowering!! In early 2020 she finished writing her first book, The Lotus Effect - A Roadmap To Self Love. She also mentors senior high school girls in the transition from school to employment.

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  • Debbie Casagrande

    Debbie uses a unique approach to coaching, utilising her cache of personal development training, human behaviour research and incorporating the Demartini Method, to assist clients to evolve and to be able to live their most inspiring life. The approach is direct and concise, getting to the root of the perceived challenge, allowing the client to come to a space of love and gratitude for all that is and all that was.

  • Penny Mentiplay

    Penny is a Transformational Coach and Mentor helping women reclaim their true identity, their essence and beauty. The parts of themselves that have been lost through their core relationships with themselves, their partner(s) (past and present), children and others. She works with a number of modalities including NLP to help clients shift at a deep level and experience transformational change.

  • Cathy Domoney

    Transformational Leader Cathy Domoney, the founder of Miracle-Ready Mindset, is an inspirational author, teacher, course-creator and professional mentor. She firmly believes in the power of the right mindset combined with the law of attraction and the profound impact it has on catapulting her clients to next level success. Enjoy a 10% discount if you work with Cathy.

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Let go of self doubt, judgement and fear

Create harmony, peace and empowerment.

What You'll Get

3 Modules Delivered Over 6 Weeks with multiple video tutorials and a comprehensive workbook including actionable worksheets. Ongoing support and nurturing from your guide and mentor Kylie. Invaluable learning from her 50+ years of life, study and personal experiences. If you could do it on your own you already would have - that's why you need a mentor.

  • AWARENESS. Find yourself identifying the areas of your life that are lacking and you will find yourself discovering endless possibilities.

  • LEARNING. Realise you can learn strategies to have in place every time you need to remind yourself of your self worth

  • GROWTH. What would it be like if you walked away from this course with a level of Self Love & Worthiness you never dreamed possible!

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Lucky Door Prizes

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Lucky Door Prizes

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Self Love Bundle! A copy of The Lotus Effect, YNot and YMag

"She is the real deal!"

by Penny Mentiplay

"Kylie is amazing at what she does! Her passion and commitment for empowering women after divorce and separation stems from her personal journey and reflects how she has overcome the pain and disconnectedness caused by divorce, to live whole and fully connected to her inner strength. Kylie gives women the tools to experience this same freedom and wholeness in their lives. She is the real deal!"

"Great insight"

by Mara Kristensen

"Kylie is so passionate about helping other women get to a new empowered way of being after divorce. Her own experiences give her great insight to what's needed to find yourself again. She inspires her clients to overcome the fear and overwhelm and find joy again."

"Good things are happening""

by Cyndi Scott

Hey Scott I wanted to touch base with you & let you know that things have been going amazingly well for me. My mission/purpose has been moving forward at a fast pace & good things are happening!! I am so excited to keep you in the loop because if it weren't for you and Kylie I would never gotten this far! So thank you both so very much!! I love being able to be a part of your group and continuing to move forward, I am so grateful for your help and guidance! May the Lord Bless you in amazing ways!! Much Love!

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Let go of self doubt, judgement and fear

Create harmony, peace and empowerment.