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Signs You Lack Self-Love (Kylie Chapman)

Self love is something we should be taught as children and continue through adulthood. But sadly, many of us never had this instilled in us as when we were little so we go through life making big life decisions based on our lack of love.  We become fearful, critical of ourselves and others, feel misunderstood, judged, incapable and undeserving.  

We may appear put together on the outside but on the inside, we are full of negative self talk, worry and fear.  We constantly compare ourselves to others and judge ourselves harshly.

We spend a lot of time trying to prove ourselves to others to gain their approval.  All the while feeling inadequate and an imposter.  We self-sabotage and continue to make self-limiting choices based on our beliefs.  Always giving and doing for others at our own expense, leaving ourselves to last. It’s exhausting!!  No wonder we suffer overwhelm and burnout!!

Sound familiar??  Well the good news is we can change this!!!  When we look at all the areas of our lives, many of us are strong at making self-loving choices in some areas, but weak in others.  Our power is in becoming aware of the areas of lack so we can start making more loving decisions.  We have a choice and it’s incredibly empowering!! 
Loving ourselves is essential if we want to be the best role model for our children.  They deserve to learn that from us. We need practical ways to bring about our self love and worthiness.  We need a framework of strategies in place to help us every day.  To stop us from settling for less than our heart and soul desire. Continuing to act out of fear, being paralysed with procrastination and suffering from perfectionism.  Staying in relationships that don’t serve us well, that are disrespectful and abusive. 
Continuing to give so much of ourselves to others we are mentally, emotionally and physically drained, leaving nothing left for ourself. 
Once you learn how to do this, life changes for the better in so many ways.  It’s so much brighter and fulfilling!!  And who doesn’t want to live life to the fullest??  Kylie xx 🌷🙏😍